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​  RK Designs

   Wedding Vows and Officiating


Omaha, Nebraska

​​Designing vows to be as unique as you are.

​About Us​​​

RK Designs was founded for one special reason - to assist couples in making their wedding vows unique and making their special day include expressions from the heart.

When couples become engaged the first thing they need to do is find a venue and select an Officiant to perform their ceremony.  For some couples this becomes a difficult decision; they may not have someone in mind or are looking for someone they wish to perform the ceremony.

Many couples also make the decision to marry in a special location such as an outdoor setting, at their reception venue, or some other place sentimental to the couple.  RK Designs and Vows will officiate any type of wedding a couple chooses.  Couples should expect their service to be done in a matter that is professional and without worry.  RK Designs and Vows understands how important vows are to the ceremony.

Couples want to say to each other what is in their heart.  This may include writing their own vows, choosing

prewritten vows, or traditional vows.  Whatever your decision, RK Designs and Vows will help make any wedding ceremony individualized and unique to any other. 





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